Kai Yum was set up since 1978, we are a famous paper products manufacturer in Hong Kong and are specialize in producing various kinds of luxury paper products. We are the primary supplier to local as well as overseas markets. We provide one-station services to our customers which included design (OEM products are mostly welcome), artwork, colour proof, film making, etc. Over thirty years of development, we have managed to expand our market in a constant pace. With our excellent reputations, credibility and continuously improvement, we have then successfully penetrated into and co-operated with the world-wide markets.

It is our goal to provide high quality services as well as creative products to customers since we have a professional in-house design team plus strong administration backup staff to achieve. If you are looking for new inspiration then Kai Yum is your best choice.

Please feel free to contact us at once and submit your required information for our quoting purpose.

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